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Love 2 Create 2018

In May, I attended the Love 2 Create Convention again. Two days of being spoiled, having fun, learning new crafts, meeting new people and eating great food.  On arrival, we received our goodie bags and name tags. The theme this year was donuts.   Each day started with coffee and delicious homemade rusks.  Because of… Read More »

No more credit card

This is a testimony of how faithful God is… On Thursday morning (27 October 2016) I felt hopeless and angry, actually “gatvol” is more accurate. Business wasn’t doing well, there weren’t enough orders coming in to pay the bills, people who ordered from me cancelled their orders, my credit card was maxed out, it was… Read More »

My cake won!

In December 2014 Barco had a Colourful Baking Competition on their facebook page. All you had to do was to bake any colourful cake, cupcake or meringue using their new food colouring gels. Take a picture of the finished product along with the Barco food colouring gels used and post it on their facebook page. I… Read More »

Cake Decorating Folder

So, you started collecting your Cake Decorating magazines and received your first folder. And, if you’re like me, you opened it and thought “where’s the instructions?” 🙂 It took me a while to figure out how the magazines are suppose to fit into the folder. At a market I was doing one Friday evening, I… Read More »

Oreo owl cupcakes

I was asked to make owl cupcakes and to use Oreo biscuits for the eyes. Easy, I thought.  Erm…not. First step is to take the biscuits apart. Hhhmm, not as easy as it looks on tv. They don’t split perfectly with filling on both sides. I tried dividing the filling and spread it on both… Read More »

One year old

While I was away, Gina had a birthday, but we decided to celebrate when I got back. We had a birthday party at Ouma’s house. She had a double-layer birthday cake … and pink cupcakes. She was fascinated by the candle, and couldn’t wait to taste the cake. Gareth had to help, otherwise we would’ve… Read More »