No more credit card

By | 11th Jan 2017

This is a testimony of how faithful God is…

On Thursday morning (27 October 2016) I felt hopeless and angry, actually “gatvol” is more accurate. Business wasn’t doing well, there weren’t enough orders coming in to pay the bills, people who ordered from me cancelled their orders, my credit card was maxed out, it was just a big mess.

So, in my quiet time that morning I threw a tantrum and cried my heart out before God. I then asked His forgiveness for not being wise and maxing out my credit card and asked Him to please help me. Then I opened my Bible and read Malachi 3:10-12 to God and I told Him to do what He says in His word. He says I can test Him, so I want to see it!

After my quiet time, I carried on with the baking I had to do. My cellphone was in my workroom charging, I heard it ring and went to check and it was a Jhb number, because I don’t answer numbers I don’t know I left it and carried on with my baking. When I was done baking I went to my room to check my phone as I heard it ringing a few times while I was busy. There were 7 missed calls from the same Jhb number, no messages. So I was convinced it was a call centre and didn’t phone back. Later in the day, I received a sms from the same number saying I must phone this person about shares I have. “Yeah right, scam!” I thought and didn’t respond. I received another sms and ignored that as well.

When I checked my emails in the afternoon there was an email from the same guy in Jhb that said he’s trying to get hold of me about my shares from a company I worked for YEARS ago and I must phone this number. The email looked legit, but I wasn’t convinced. I discussed it with my husband and he decided to follow up and do some investigation. Well, it looked like it was legit, the company looking for my details were managing shares for the company I worked for and all I had to do was to email a certified copy of my ID and proof of bank account. I still wasn’t convinced, I mean if I had shares in a company I’m sure I would know about it. But I decided to email the documents anyway and see what happens. They said it will take 6 – 8 weeks.

Well … nothing happened … until this week.

Monday morning (9 January 2017) I asked God “What’s happening? Was that a scam?” I didn’t get my answer until Tuesday morning (10 January 2017)

I received a sms from my bank to say that a client of mine paid her invoice and it gave the balance of my account, as usual, but something didn’t look right. There were way too many numbers in that balance, so I logged into my internet banking to check it out. While I was busy, I received another sms from my bank to say that a big amount was paid into my account. The shares money!! Needless to say, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do with myself, I just cried and thanked God! After I told my husband, I tithed on the amount and paid my credit card off!!!! It felt AMAZING!!

Just to put things into perspective, after tithing, I could pay my credit card off, which was just over R10 000.00!!

This is a HUGE MIRACLE!!

Thank You, Father God!!