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My cake won!

In December 2014 Barco had a Colourful Baking Competition on their facebook page. All you had to do was to bake any colourful cake, cupcake or meringue using their new food colouring gels. Take a picture of the finished product along with the Barco food colouring gels used and post it on their facebook page. I… Read More »

Cake Decorating Folder

So, you started collecting your Cake Decorating magazines and received your first folder. And, if you’re like me, you opened it and thought “where’s the instructions?” 🙂 It took me a while to figure out how the magazines are suppose to fit into the folder. At a market I was doing one Friday evening, I… Read More »

Oreo owl cupcakes

I was asked to make owl cupcakes and to use Oreo biscuits for the eyes. Easy, I thought.  Erm…not. First step is to take the biscuits apart. Hhhmm, not as easy as it looks on tv. They don’t split perfectly with filling on both sides. I tried dividing the filling and spread it on both… Read More »

One year old

While I was away, Gina had a birthday, but we decided to celebrate when I got back. We had a birthday party at Ouma’s house. She had a double-layer birthday cake … and pink cupcakes. She was fascinated by the candle, and couldn’t wait to taste the cake. Gareth had to help, otherwise we would’ve… Read More »

A new four-legged journey begins

Gareth surprised me with a dachshund puppy for my birthday. I got her in September. At home, we introduced her to Tinky, who wasn’t sure what to do with this little thing (she’s never seen a puppy this small). The whole weekend Tinky was curious but also cautious … she would sniff the new puppy… Read More »

No creativity between white walls

I can’t be creative when my workroom’s walls are white … that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Colourful walls are what I like and owning our own house means I can paint! Woohoo!! A while ago I took some brochures from a paint shop and saw this kitchen they did… Read More »

It’s a dog’s life

A long time ago I thought it would be nice to get a small dog since I love dogs and always had one or more in my life. Well, I didn’t rush out to buy one immediately, I debated this idea with myself for a few months. It would be nice to have, but I’m… Read More »

Oh my … he’s going to kiss me

This is my and Gareth’s story … In 2003, I met a presenter of a community radio show at a Christmas function. I started listening and eventually heard Gareth’s voice on air, because he would occasionally visit him in the studio, but I was oblivious to what God was busy doing. One year (I can’t… Read More »

It belongs to my man

… a stunning voice, that is. 🙂 Before I met Gareth, I didn’t know what a voice over was all about, but I soon found out. I went with to a voice over he did … he went into the recording booth and I sat on the other side of the glass with the technical… Read More »