A new four-legged journey begins

By | 30th Sep 2011

Gareth surprised me with a dachshund puppy for my birthday. I got her in September.

At home, we introduced her to Tinky, who wasn’t sure what to do with this little thing (she’s never seen a puppy this small). The whole weekend Tinky was curious but also cautious … she would sniff the new puppy while she’s fast asleep …

but the minute she wakes up, Tinky would run away.

We named her Gina and she immediately became part of the family.

Sleep for us was a luxury in the first weekend … she would only sleep a few hours at a time and would cry when she’s awake. But that’s all part of having a new “baby”. πŸ™‚

She was very interested in Tinky and would follow her around. We were waiting for them to start playing and on Monday I heard growling outside and when I looked they were playing and running around, but the minute Tinky saw me, she stopped and walked away … I guess it’s not cool to be seen playing with your sister. πŸ™‚

I must admit, her house training went a lot better than with Tinky, I guess it’s because she follows Tinky’s lead. She’s getting the idea of going outside and the other nite, she ran out without us telling her to do so. (we were very impressed) πŸ™‚

The next weekend we went to visit Granny and she was spoiled rotten with all the attention and she also received some squeaky toys.

She loved exploring the garden …

and also made a hole for Granny to plant something in.

She and Tinky are crazy about each other. It’s so cute to see them play … Tinky’s very gentle, but Gina goes out in full force, the hairs on her back even stand up. There’s a lot of growling going on and occasionally a yelp from Tinky because Gina’s teeth are very sharp. πŸ™‚ There’s a wrestling match every evening on the bed before we sleep … I guess they have to tire themselves out before they sleep. πŸ˜‰

They follow each other everywhere, if Gina’s sleeping Tinky will come and check on her and Gina will look for Tinky if she’s not in the same room as her.

But don’t let these cute faces fool you … they get up to mischief together. The other morning I caught both of them on the bed under the duvet and they gave me a look that said “WHAT???” (They’re not supposed to be on the bed if we’re not in it)

And we caught them looking thru the blinds … Tinky on the back of the couch (where she’s not supposed to be) and Gina on the floor, only because she can’t get on the couch by herself yet. πŸ™‚ Gina also decided to “modify” the blinds a little bit while she was down there. πŸ™‚

She also “modified” their doggy door … it probably works much better now. πŸ˜€

Her first bath experience wasn’t too bad … she just stood there with those “please help me” puppy eyes.

But she loved the sun afterwards.

She’s now 3 months old and brought a lot of happiness and laughter into our home.

Thanks Gareth for this cute birthday present.

3 thoughts on “A new four-legged journey begins

  1. Mom

    Lovely story San-Marie! What a beautiful bundle of joy she is!

  2. anneke

    Love the pic’s. Gina het mooi gegroei. Love the Tinky and Gina pic.

    Man they are the best.

  3. Glen

    What a lovely story book you have here, I loved reading and seeing it all, thanks San-Marie, and also Granny for telling me to have a look. Wouldnt have missed it for the world.
    Lots Luv, G


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