My name is San-Marié. I’m married to a wonderful man, Gareth and we live where the 8th wonder of the world is – Cape Town, a beautiful part of South Africa. 

I love baking, which is seriously weird since I hated home economics at school. It’s a miracle I passed this subject in St. 7. I think if my teacher could see me now, she’ll probably have heart failure or faint.



I also love making cake and cupcake toppers out of fondant. Something I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d be interested in.


Besides baking and making toppers, I also love making things with polymer clay.


Something else I love doing is teaching people. We have lots of fun in my workshops.

Christmas - fondant - 18 Oct 2014 - 1 teaspoons 26 April 2014 _01

I’m also passionate about life and my mission is to have as much fun as possible … and I’m happy to say that I’m succeeding in this mission. 🙂   

Helping to make other people’s lives better also makes me happy.