Cake Decorating Folder

By | 7th Apr 2014

So, you started collecting your Cake Decorating magazines and received your first folder.

Cake decorating folder

And, if you’re like me, you opened it and thought “where’s the instructions?” 🙂 It took me a while to figure out how the magazines are suppose to fit into the folder.

At a market I was doing one Friday evening, I had two ladies at my table asking me about the cake decorating folder, so I decided to put instructions together to help everyone who, like me, was not sure.

Here goes…

1. Open your folder and break the white “ladder” off in the middle.

Cake decorating folder 1

2. Then break all the little pins off.

Cake decorating folder 2

3. Insert a pin into the hole at the top of your folder. Do the same at the bottom.

Cake decorating folder 3

4. Open you magazine in the centre and push the pin over the page. Repeat at the bottom.

Cake decorating folder 4

5. I find it easier if you let your magazine stand up, I rest mine against some plastic containers.

Cake decorating folder 5

6. Repeat with all your folders and ta-daaaa there you have a folder with all your magazines neatly inserted.

Cake decorating folder 6

Hope this helped!

Feel free to share.


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  1. Shara

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much!! I actually forgot about this. I have just done mine.


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