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Feedback from customers

Baie baie dankie San-Marie. Buurvrou was in trane oor die koek!
Dit is amazing en ek is so dankbaar dat Jesus vir jou so baie talent gegee het en dat jy baie mense om jou gelukkig kan maak. 

Polymer clay

Thank you so much for the Barbie food. I’m truly so very happy.


Oh wow San-Marie, that cake was absolutely delicious! Everybody loves it. My husband especially loves the hazelnut on top.  

Thank you for my awesome 40th birthday creation…love it!
Cake was absolutely delicious!!!!

Thank you San-Marie for another creation and all the details.. you have yet again out done yourself. Thank you!

Dankie Tannie San-Marie dat jy die Dogtertjie se hartjie bly gemaak het xx

Polymer clay cake toppers


Everybody loves your work!

Such amazing work! Uncle Bill was very touched, he recognized every item regarding the fire department theme! Thank you so much again for making somebody smile such a big smile on their birthday!

Your work is beautiful San-Marie. I couldn’t post to your Facebook page. But still wanted to brag on your amazing work!

y daughter loved her cake and poop cupcakes LOL and it was delicious.
Your choc chip cookies are devine.

Well let me just begin with saying that I bought six of these cupcakes from San-Mariè of T.Y.L Creations and they absolutely delectable. Moist, not too sweet, chocolate icing tasted like chocolate and not just icing. I would definitely refer you to anyone. Thank you for the awesome cupcakes.


Special thanks to San-Marié for all the awesome cakes!!!


Thanx San-Marié for the beautiful cake. You made my princess’s day extra special!!

Thank you San-Marié for making the stunning Penguins.
(cake made by Nina)

Thanks, he loved it 🙂
(cake made by Meloney)


Roxanne – Revolution Brand Licensing
Everybody loved them, thank you so much. We received such nice comments on the Powerpuff Girl ones. One of the clients posted it on instagram.


The most amazing cupcakes, thank you San-Marié


Hi San Marie
Showed the church committee this morning what they can be expecting… big mistake…. now nobody can wait…. everyone was in awe.
Granny all evening and all afternoon today looking at the animals… everyone in the neighbourhood also knows how beautiful they are.
Thank you for making it possible. Your talent is truly amazing. May the Lord continue to bless you with such a wonderful talent.


San-Marie they r truly so beautiful. Thanks for helping make my bday special.
(cake made by Kalay)


Fiona – Feathers Cakes on-Line
Thanks very much!
(printed pictures supplied by Fiona)

horse collage

I really have to thank San-Marié. I sent you some pics & you spent a few weeks looking for moulds etc to make what I wanted happen. Adapting what you needed to. Thank you. You really are special & go out of your way. And you made the horse from Filani clay. A forever keepsake for Tamryn xxx
(cupcake wrappers done by Meloney)

toppers panda cow
tarryn cake

He loves it. Thank you so so much.
(cake made by Tarryn)

My first (and probably last) zombie cake. 😀
Must admit I battled with this, not easy to make “ugly” things. 😀 😀
But I had fun making it, especially the eyeball cupcakes.

mini cake and cupcakes zombie

It was beautifully designed! Perfect for the theme.
Thank you very much.

toppers cutex makeup
cayla cake

Just an awesome shout out to San-Marié for making beautiful make up fondant to compliment the make up box cake. Such talent. Thank you
(cake made by someone else)

ouma marina 1
ouma marina 2

Thank you San-Marié for the lovely cake and cupcakes for my mom’s 70th party. My sister and I really appreciate all your hard work. You rock!!!!!!!

amy 14

Cupcakes are divine, thank you!

cupcakes mini ladies meeting

Mini cupcakes for a ladies event

They were amazing!! Thank u soooo much!!

They were stunning

Those cupcakes were beautiful. They literally “made” the decor. You’re blessed with a wonderful God given talent. Thank you for using it  faithfully and with such generosity.

Ditto Sandy

mini cake desmond 60

WOW, what a beautiful cake!!!!!
We loved it and Desmond was very impressed, even so much that we were not allowed to eat it, because he took it home!
Thank you so much for the awesome service.

filani workshop teaspoon millefiori pendant jan 2016 (6)

Thank you so much for the workshop you did with Roz and myself today.
We both had a wonderful time and enjoyed your company. You were so generous and encouraging and taught us so much in a relatively short time. You put a lot of hard work into preparing for the class and I loved your open minded attitude about experimenting and doing our own thing.
Both of us came out of your home buzzing with ideas of how we can use the medium in our other craft work and I know this will be ongoing.

cupcakes cheese and wine theresa

Fun cupcakes, just love the ‘cheese board’, once again thank you so much San-Marié, she was super impressed!

cupcakes 1st anniversary robyn jannie

Thank you San-Marie for the deliciously beautiful cupcakes.

cupcakes garden zuretha

Beautiful cupcakes for a special person’s birthday – made by a very talented lady. She absolutely loved them and they tasted fantastic too! THANK YOU San-Marie.

cupcakes amy 2015

San Marie – yum yum

mini cake joey 94
joey 94

Thank you, soooo much San-Marie, awesome creations for a very special 94 year old. I can always rely on you to make something spectacular!!!!!
She was absolutely delighted with it!

mini cake and cupcakes tmnt

Thanks for the delicious cupcakes and cake – your work is ALWAYS so perfect and professional.
And the savoury tarts etc were just as delicious.
(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles supplied by Mandi, made by Little Bake Boutique)

owl collage

It was amazing! Thanks!!
Everyone loved it. It was perfect…
(cake made by Kim)

isabella collage

I was just looking at your topper. I just want to tell you. You are a very special person. Your attention to detail, your little note that you send with your stuff. It’s so personal. It shows your professionalism and your soft character. You & your products are beautiful!
(cake made by Meloney)

mini cake and cupcakes ashley collage
ashley birthday

Ash loved her cake and as always everyone commented on the lovely cake and cupcake decorations. Thanks again.
(Minnie Mouse cake topper supplied by Rod, made by Little Bake Boutique)

cupcakes lighthouse 1 year anniversary

Thank u sooooo much the cupcakes were delicious!!!

rebekah cake collage

Nogmaals dankie. Mense was gek daaroor.
(cake made by Chante)

mini cake and cupcakes giuliana collage

Thank you soo much San-Marié! The cakes were amazing!!!!

It was soooooo lovely!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!

mini cake and cupcakes liam collage

Thank you very much for my cake Aunty San Marie

Thank you so much for the cakes. Everyone loved them.

toppers space collage

Die goedjies is Fabulous. Almal oh en ah oor jou kunswerke. Nogmaals dankie.

Ouma Gerty 94 collage

Ouma 94 jaar oud! En 3de jaar in ry dat San-Marie die mooiste verjaarsdag koek maak!

Ouma Gerty was baie verbaas oor die koek en die fyne werkies. Ouma het vir almal die koek gewys en van hom vertel.

shivana cake collage

Everyone was very impressed with the topper, you have lots of referrals
(cake made by Shivana)

cupcakes baby pink collage

Baie dankie. Dit was pragtig en baie lekker. Dankie vir al jou moeite daarmee.

cupcakes owl aisha

They are beautiful, more than expected.

collar and tie collage

Everybody was impressed with the cake.
(cake made by Natalie)

chantell wedding cake and cupcakes collage

We just wanna thank u from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful cake. Its delicious. Thanks a mil.
(cake, cupcakes, roses and icing made by me. Decorated by a fellow baker friend on my behalf)

left over cupcakes

Delicious!!!! Couldn’t wait…they are fantastic!!

liam louw mini cake and cupcakes collage
pa oupa oupagrootjie 85 collage

Liam en my Pa en almal was mal oor die koeke. Dit was pragtig en die koek was heerlik. Ek sal beslis weer by jou bestel.

mini cake and cupcakes gaynor

Dit was a huge hit. Lisa was oorweldig en so verras. Allister was MAL daaroor.

cupcakes big bay amika
cupcakes big bay surf henry
cupcakes big bay surf emily

Big Bay Surf
Special thanks to T.Y.L. Creations for these awesome cupcakes

amy collage (2)
amy collage (3)

Polymer clay ring holder and fondant decorations.

Amy loved her cake.
(Bird cage supplied and cake made by Margie)

Amy and her friends loved the cupcakes. Much excitement when they saw the inside.

pig and cow caron

The family absolutely loved the cake. Thank you so much for being so awesomely talented.
(cake made by Caron)

wedding cake and cupcakes sea theme

Order for Feathers Cakes on-Line

Thank you very much for a wonderful wedding cake!
It was a big success 🙂

mini cake cupcakes leane

Dankie Tannie San-Marie vir my pragtige koek.
(figurines supplied by Leané’s Mom)

lulu and nomatshayina colourful cake

Thank you very much for the cake it was delicious, by the time Gareth took a picture I already ate half of mine :-). Well done and it’s 10/10.

Thank you, it was nice … VERY VERY nice .. 100%.

mini cake cupcakes Jenna

Cake was great, thanks.

joey 93 margie

Thank you San-Marie. She loved it.
(cake made by Margie)

christmas cake margie

Thank you San-Marie, you are an absolute star with your fantastic fondant decorations.
(cake made by Margie)

cupcakes Sabrina

Those cupcakes were out of this world delicious. Yummy, so tasty and so fresh – I wished I had ordered more.
Sabrina and the kids loved them – and the teachers who received them thought they were amazing!
Thank you again soooooo much – well done!

cupcakes rabbits Kyle

Thanks again San-Marie.  I loved Kyle’s cupcakes – they were soooooooooooo delicious.

Awesome 80’s cupcakes…they were devine!

tracey collage

Thank you San-Marie. Tracey loved it.
(cake made by Margie)

bride to be chantelle collage

Chantelle was BAIE happy oor haar koek

toppers science lab

Die party was ‘n huge success
Almal het gedrool oor jou versiersuiker werk!!!!!
Nogmaals Dankie vir jou uiters kreatiewe poging…dit was ‘n wenner…

sone baby shower collage

WEEREENS baie dankie vir ‘n jou harde werk om 2 mensies se hartjies BAIE bly temaak!
Sone se eerste woorde: Aaaaaw kyk net hoe oulik

ouma gerty 93

OOO ek kannie wag om te begin om te sê hoe bly Ouma was oor haar koek nie…
Dit het getravel van Kaap, na die een tannie, na haar familie ete en na die regte bday dag.
Sy het vir almal gewys en vir almal gesê dit is deur jou gemaak.
Haar eerste woorde was: OO maar dit is pragtig.
Baie dankie dat ek haar bday spesiaal kon maak deur jou hande werk.

sharks - Meloney

Oh my word I love them. Those creases on their back…are so cute…I could eat them up haha

merry go round horses

Thank you so much for your awesome talent and love that went into making granny such a happy chappy! I wish you could have seen her face, the tears just poured, she was thrilled. And is just holding the box on her lap and examining each piece of art. Thank you! You are a very blessed lady with a huge talent…and it is not often that people use their talent God gave them, you are doing a great job.

yolisa collage

It was a lot of fun being in your workshop yesterday.
I got home and baked the cake last night and iced it this morning, my daughter was really surprised, thanks to you.

reuben collage

Thank you soo much…the cake and cupcakes looked and tasted fantabulous!!!

Mini cake - De wet

Baie Baie Dankie vir al jou pragtige moeite. Die mense was mal daaroor!

Fondant introduction 19 Sept 2013

Fondant workshop

Thank you so much for all the help and info on making cake decorations! Had so much fun!

Thank u so much for this morning. I had a fantastic morning. Can’t wait to get started.

Pics of the cakes I made using the mask mould for the Madame Zingara party. Thanks for helping me with that!

masks bridget
Kyles 4th bday collage

Thanks San-Marie for the amazing mini-cake and cupcakes, as well as all the delicious eats for the parents and some of the party pack goodies. Kyle still says how he loves his dinosaur party.

The utter joy on my sons face was priceless.
Unfortunately the photo where he real goes WOW was out of focus.
Thank you again
(cake made by Meloney)

Baie dankie San-Marie!
Vanessa se woorde: “Die mooiste en spesiaalste koek ooit!”

Vreeslik dankie San-Marie vir die AWESOME klein kuns koekie en cup-cakes!!!!!! Die beste cup-cakes ooit!

Ouma het haar koek ge-loveeee. Baie dankie weer eens vir jou moeite. Jy is ‘n engel.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for your FANTASTIC GOODIES for the cake. 🙂 Granny was so happy, I can’t explain, no words can explain the expression on her face. It was like a child opening a present, then the “look at this”, “look here”, “look at the fine detail”, “did you see this”, “did you see that”…and so it went on the whole day into the following day. 🙂 She is SO HAPPY. May you be rewarded for all your hard work, your passion shines through your work of art. The lady who’s birthday it was invited so many people to come to tea just so she could show her cake to everone, the cake is the talk of the town ladies. 🙂 Big thank you.

The choc sticks were a hit with the kids in the family…some eaten as is…ha ha. Some dipped in all sorts of pudding and used as spoons…ha ha ha. We had such a giggle. The best was they used it in ice cream too…ha ha. I again reminded them what it actually was for…ha ha.

Think my kids may want to come live with you after that milktart. Yummy that was awesome. Thank you so much. I shared it out and I see everyone is eating slowly, they don’t want the happiness to end. 🙂


Just a thank you once again for your hard work and effort, I do not think words can explain the gratitude. Granny has already invited all the friends to come look at what you have made. She was so excited when I got home with the goodies. Thank you for warming so many hearts with your talent.

The cupcakes were wonderful and enjoyed by all the family in JHB. Thank you very much 🙂

Thank you! Your cup cakes as usual were outstanding.

These are AWESOME,,,,,just flippin awesome

I have tasted the best ever chocolate cake that you made for Ashley’s birthday.

Thank you San-Marie. The figurines were beautiful.

The party was great & the cupcakes were a hit! Thank you so much.