Love 2 Create Convention

By | 5th Jun 2016

This year the 7th Love 2 Create Convention was held in Bellville and I had the privilege to attend it for the first time.

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A friend of mine picked me up VERY early on the Friday morning, registration was at 7:15. There was a lot of excitement in the car!

When we got there, we registered and we each received a gift bag filled with gifts, product samples, a magazine, water, our workshop schedule, meal vouchers and a name badge, that can be turned into a keyring after the workshops.

I LOVE this name badge, will definitely wear it often.

We had coffee and compared our workshop schedules and the programme for the day. There were 4 workshops for the day, each 80 minutes long. When we booked we could choose from a list of 24 different crafts hosted by experienced teachers.

Then the fun started!

These are the workshops I did…

Wood Burning Jewellery Making

Encaustic Art Painting


Pratliglo Mini Printer Tray

We had tea and coffee breaks between the session with snacks.

Lunch was divine and dessert was cupcakes from a beautiful cupcake bouquet.

Β Β Β 

After and in-between the workshops we could do shopping. I am so glad I left my credit card at home! πŸ˜€

This was a great experience! Β I am DEFINITELY doing it next year again.

Thanks so much Itz van Allez for this great opportunity. I learnt a lot of new crafts and can’t wait for next year.

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