No creativity between white walls

By | 21st Jul 2011

I can’t be creative when my workroom’s walls are white … that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Colourful walls are what I like and owning our own house means I can paint! Woohoo!!

A while ago I took some brochures from a paint shop and saw this kitchen they did in one of the brochures, the walls were painted in a lime green and the cupboard doors in different colours … cerise pink, orange, yellow and purple. I immediately loved it and decided that I’ll use those colours in my workroom. So, off to the paintshop we went to get similar colours … Velvet Ribbon 5 (purple), Flamingo Fun 2 (pink), Harvest Fruits 1 (Orange), Lemon Chiffon 1 (Yellow) and Lime Zest 1 (Green).

Then I just had to decide which colour will go on which wall and then the fun could start.

We painted the room in stages and made sure that the walls were properly dry before we did the next colour.

The first wall was painted with Velvet Ribbon – purple.

The wall next to it with Harvest Fruits 1 – orange.

The opposite wall we painted with Lime Zest 1 – green.

These two walls were split and we painted Flamingo Fun 2 – pink, next to the green and Lemon Chiffon 1 – yellow, next to the orange.

Then the yellow and pink met each other on the back wall.

During the whole painting process I commented with “Wow! I love it!” Gareth said  I looked like a little girl in a candy store. 🙂

Next step was a new light fitting and shelves.

And the Supervisor was on site the whole time …

she worked very hard making sure everything’s done right.

I started moving my stuff back and will organise everything as I work … there will definitely be more shelves. 🙂

Painting this room was a lot of fun and I love working in here.

Thanks so much, Love for all your hard work.

0 thoughts on “No creativity between white walls

  1. shirley

    In a room like this the “CREATIVE JUICES” will surely flow!!

  2. Glen

    Love it – you seem to create JOY wherever you go, lts luv