One year old

By | 15th Aug 2012

Gina had a birthday at Ouma’s house.

She had a double-layer birthday cake …

and pink cupcakes.

She was fascinated by the candle,

and couldn’t wait to taste the cake. Gareth had to help, otherwise we would’ve had a burnt nose.

Tinky was also excited to get a piece of cake.

But it was time to open presents first.

She received a few presents and decided to open them under the one chair in the lounge. It was so funny, she would grab a present and run under the chair.

Of course, Tinky helped to open the presents. (she is an expert at opening presents after all) 😀

Then finally it was time to eat some cake!

We all enjoyed the party and afterwards, the birthday girl napped in her Mom’s arm.

Having a birthday is tiring!! 🙂