Oreo owl cupcakes

By | 10th Mar 2014

I was asked to make owl cupcakes and to use Oreo biscuits for the eyes.

oreo owl cupcakes 01

Easy, I thought.Β  Erm…not.

First step is to take the biscuits apart. Hhhmm, not as easy as it looks on tv. They don’t split perfectly with filling on both sides. I tried dividing the filling and spread it on both sides, but that didn’t work so well because the crumbs get involved. πŸ˜€ So I decided not to do it this way, but to use two Oreo biscuits for each cupcake instead.

Next I had to make the pupils and decided to make chocolate discs.

oreo owl cupcakes 03

After a few attempts, I realised it would be easier to draw circles on the back of the wax paper and fill them with chocolate. That way all the pupils are the same size.

oreo owl cupcakes 04

Then, after the chocolate discs were set, I put them on top of the biscuits.

oreo owl cupcakes 05

Last, and the easiest step was to decorate the cupcakes. For the beak, I made fondant circles and cut them in half.

oreo owl cupcake

The client was very happy with her owl cupcakes…and needless to say, so was I.

I had a request for them a few years ago and the client wanted fondant eyes. I must admit, they were much easier to make. πŸ™‚



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