Oh my … he’s going to kiss me

By | 19th Nov 2010

This is my and Gareth’s story … In 2003, I met a presenter of a community radio show at a Christmas function. I started listening and eventually heard Gareth’s voice on air, because he would occasionally visit him in the studio, but I was oblivious to what God was busy doing.

One year (I can’t remember exactly when it was) I was invited to a Christmas lunch. I was told that Gareth would also be there and I looked forward to meeting the other half of this funny radio duo. Unfortunately, Gareth, at that point was not much of a people’s person and the meeting was most disappointing and pretty much consisted of “hello, nice to meet you”. 😐

Well, life went on and after a few months I joined the radio station as a volunteer and would go into the studio, every Saturday to help. In December 2006, after an in depth debate around relationships on the show, I drove home and God spoke to me saying that He knows what is best for me and that I must burn the list I had, detailing my ideal husband. I did and forgot all about it.

January 2007, I decided that I’m not going to waste my time obsessing about getting married again and will just enjoy my life. Fortunately I had quite a few decent single guy friends that I could ask to accompany me to a function whenever I needed a “date”. In March, a friend of mine had a birthday breakfast and I decided to ask Gareth to join me. By this point his people skills and personality had improved. Gareth, on the other hand, was a bit shocked by the invite … being a guy he clearly related any invite from a single woman to mean she wanted his children … NOT!!! 😯 He decided to go anyway and we had a ball. Eyebrows were raised … questions were asked … something clearly was happening … but we were as blind as bats!! My friend, after reviewing the photo’s of the event, said that she had a strong feeling about us and suggested that we spend more time together … I dismissed her comments … but I was wondering ….

May 2007, I had a dream … which is not unsual, but in my case it was. I don’t have “normal” dreams, I always dream a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense at all … the stuff that weird movies are made of. For example, I dreamed one nite that I was in a museum and  was stuck at the edge of the 2nd floor, then Knight Rider in all his glory arrived, but he had his head backwards and couldn’t see me to rescue me. (If u’re on the floor laughing by now, 😆 I would understand). Anyway, this time my dream actually made sense … I dreamt that I attended a meeting and the guest speaker (who was the same guy who I helped at the radio station) asked me if I had met my husband. I replied by asking him if he was confirming something or if he was just being silly. He then pointed to Gareth who was sitting outside on a wall and said “there he is.” Well, then I was woken up by my 4-legged blessing who wanted to go outside. I was confused and wondered what this was all about?

Time went on and Gareth slowly became part of my life. We SMS’d and chatted on Skype and started doing more things together, he even came to my Flintstone birthday party.

I was seriously wondering about this, but waited for God to tell me. Actually I use to pray every Saturday when I drove home and told God to please take Gareth out of my life because I don’t want to fall in love with the wrong guy (LOL) … I’m so glad God didn’t answer that prayer. 😉

In September 2007, I was invited to go with Gareth and friends of his to Avalon Springs for a weekend and this is where God showed us that He had more than friendship in store for us. We arrived back with a lot going through our minds … Gareth was terrified but I was looking forward to “seeing what happens.” I was quite content at that stage that whatever must happen, must happen.

On the Saturday morning we went to the radio station and on the way back Gareth decided he had to say something. It all just felt way too foreign and “wrong”, and not wanting to lead me on, he wanted to “break it off” as soon as possible.

So, standing in Gareth’s kitchen, making coffee, he finally plucked up the courage to say something, but knowing that the kitchen offered way too many distractions and excuses not to have his say, he marched me down the passage to the lounge and unceremoniously planted me on the couch … I didn’t hear a thing Gareth said … something in the subtle way he grabbed me by the shoulders, marched me down the passage and seated me on the sofa to “break-up” with me, triggered some deep hidden idea that the world was about to end … 30 minutes later, I was in a full, stress induced panic attack … (first time ever)

Later that evening, Gareth and I sat down to “recap” on the days events seeing as I seriously had no idea what he had said to me earlier. During the chat, I broke down completely and we came to realise that for years I had been forced to be the strong one, always being there for everyone and just having to cope with whatever happened in my life, but now with Gareth around, I was finally able to let go. God started the “being vulnerable” process.

It was the strangest thing, the moment we finished chatting, Gareth found that every reason he had to be nervous about being in a relationship had just faded away, but he didn’t want to say anything yet.

Sunday came and went. Monday evening we had planned, a few weeks prior, to go to dinner together. Sitting there at the restaurant table watching me blissfully chat away about my childhood, Gareth fell in love.

Here lay the next dilemma …. judging from my subtle reaction on Saturday, Gareth was not about to bring up that whatever he felt about not being with me was now totally gone. He could just imagine saying something, and I, getting such a shock, would pass out, knock my head on the floor and we would spend the whole night in ICU.

After supper we went to my house for coffee and we watched a cricket match on TV. It was getting late and Gareth needed to start heading home, but he had to say something. I was lying on the couch watching TV and Gareth maneuvered himself onto the floor, thinking that being at eye-level would be the best thing considering the importance of the information he had to share.

I was confused, because in my experience, when u’re about to leave, u don’t sit on the floor…??

Gareth looked at me … I looked at Gareth and a remarkable revelation dawned on me …. “OH MY GOD, HE’S GOING TO KISS ME.”

… and so he did. I almost had another panic attack and was very confused at this stage, Friday I was in a relationship, Saturday I wasn’t, now, on Monday night, I seemed to be in a relationship again…?? 😕

Part of my original plan was that I was going to inform the entire world on the Monday when I got to work about my new found relationship … this was a huge part of Gareth’s apprehension.

After Saturday that obviously didn’t happen, so after the “Oh my God kiss” on Monday evening, my first question was… “So, can I send my email now?”. Needless to say, I did and people are still talking about that email. 😉

We started planning, Gareth had the ring made and on 20 November 2007, we got married!!

God is awesome!!

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  1. Shirley

    Congratulations! I am looking forward to meeting the man who married a very special lady!
    Gods abundant blessings on you both in all the years ahead.

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