Diamond Painting Kits

Diamond Painting is a great new DIY craft where you complete beautiful designs using diamond resin dots.

It’s based on the “paint-by-numbers” concept and is very easy to do.

The end result is an absolutely stunning Diamond Dotted Painting that sparkles.

How does it work?

Diamond painting works like “paint-by-numbers”, but without paint or glue.
You get a colour-coded canvas that is covered with a thin film to protect the sticky part of the canvas.
You peel the film back and place the small diamond resin dots on the sticky part with a pen applicator filled with wax.

The kit includes everything you need to complete your painting:

– colour-coded canvas
– more than enough dots
– a toolkit (small tray, pen applicator and wax)

Diamond painting is fun to do and suitable for all ages. And also very therapeutic.

I only keep limited stock but can order available designs (see the catalogue).

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