Christmas 2020

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    Polymer Clay Christmas Tree Decorations

    Gingerbread man, 6cm high

    Gingerbread girl, 6cm high

    Melted snowman, 5.5cm diameter

    x Tree - Gingerbread man @ R50
    x Tree - Gingerbread girl @ R50
    x Tree - Melted snowman @ R50

    Santa hat, 3.5cm high

    Stocking, 4.3cm high

    Gingerbread house, 4.5 cm high

    x Tree - Santa hat @ R45
    x Tree - Stocking @ R45
    x Tree - Gingerbread house @ R45

    Chocolate covered oreo cookies - R15 each
    Oreo cookie covered in chocolate and decorated with fondant

    x Oreo cookie - tree @ R15
    x Oreo cookie - santa suit @ R15
    x Oreo cookie - poinsettia @ R15
    x Oreo cookie - gingerbread man @ R15
    x Oreo cookie - bow @ R15

    Serviette Decoupage Tins, empty - R40 each
    For an unique gift, fill a tin with chocolates/cookies/sweets/biltong or something else and afterwards it can be used for stationery/craft things, etc.

    x Serviette Decoupage Tin - santa @ R40
    x Serviette Decoupage Tin - dachshund @ R40

    Paperclips - R20 each
    50mm paperclip decorated with polymer clay

    x Paperclip - cookie @ R20
    x Paperclip - cookie with bow @ R20

    Polymer Clay Miniatures

    Gingerbread house
    Size: 3.4cm high

    x Miniature gingerbread house @ R145

    Christmas teddy
    Size: 3cm high

    x Miniature Christmas teddy @ R50

    Reindeer cake
    Size: 3cm high

    x Miniature reindeer cake @ R70

    Christmas Scrappy - R25 each
    Each Scrappy is unique and is ± 2.5cm high

    Because Scrappy is made from left-over clay I can't guarantee exact colours or that the colour will be the same every time.

    When you order your Scrappy, choose a colour you like, for example, "blue" and I will make a shade of blue.

    x Christmas Scrappy @ R25


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    Please note: chocolate covered oreo cookies can not be shipped

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    Last day for collection is 17 December 2020

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    Saturday: 10:00 – 12:00
    Sunday and Public holidays: CLOSED


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