“You’re never too old to have a happy childhood”

By | 24th Aug 2019

I love having theme parties for my birthday and when it came to planning my 50th I decided to have a children’s party. 😀 

I have always been a Disney fan and it was time to have a Disney theme party, so I chose Minnie Mouse. 

On to the internet I went to get the font, pictures and ideas. As you can see, I had loads of fun making my invitation.   


You can’t have a children’s party without party packs. I decided to go for mini party packs and found the cutest red and white boxes for it. 
For the contents, I bought small fizzers and Bakers mini cheddars and I made choc-nut cups and marshmallow people with mini marshmallows and toothpicks. What a mission! I won’t do them in a hurry again, but in the end, they looked super cute and fitted perfectly into the party boxes. 
Each guest also received a paperclip that I decorated with polymer clay. 


The party was held at one of my favourite places.


Of course, we had to dress up. You only turn 50 once!
My outfit (except t-shirt and tekkies) and Gareth’s ears and suspenders were hired from MadCaps Fancy Dress Hire
Minnie Mouse has yellow shoes and I decided to get white tekkies and paint them yellow. So what, if I’m never going to wear them again. You only turn 50 once! (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) 😀


Each place setting had the party box, a cupcake with a 3D printed topper (that Gareth specially designed and printed for me) and a decorated choc covered oreo cookie.


I also made funny sayings and scattered them all over the table. 


On arrival, the “girls” received a Minnie mouse picture to colour in and the “boys” received a maze to do.  

I am blessed to have friends who are willing to join in the fun.


We also played “pass the parcel” and the winner received a polymer clay Minnie Mouse fridge magnet. 


This was the best 50th party, we had loads of fun!

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